Often we find ourselves on a one way street with the DVR Lifestyle wave, for it’s very easy to begin heading down the “aging down” street. However, as we continue through out the quarters we’re beginning to see more and more evidence of aging up. From bras targeted at 7 year olds, pre teen body wax, toy ATMs and debit cards, and even commercials where children act as the adults. Now, we’ve got Jamie Lynn Spears as the newest icon in motherhood. And she’s seventeen. Recent magazine interviews have spoken with her about what she thinks, and she says that it’s a lot of fun. Well dear, wait until they’re two, running around, screaming and pushing every button and pulling every wire that they can. Her early motherhood isn’t alone; it’s all over the media these days. With ABC Family’s show about life as a pregnant teenager, the runaway success of Juno, and then that “what were they thinking?” moment when we learned that seventeen girls were all pregnant in high school at once. If 40 is the new 20, and 17 is the new maternal age, when should I expect my social security to kick in?

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