A group of teenagers, believed to have been inspired by the much loved and reviled video game Grand Theft Auto, went on a brief crime spree that started with a mugging in New Hyde Park, New York and wound up in armed rabble rousing in Garden City. By the time the six youth reached Garden City they were marching down the street with bats and crowbars. They blocked a street and began harassed passing motorists. The police were called and soon apprehended the miscreants. The rabid gamers are aged between 15 and 18 years old, but will all be tried as adults. Det. Sgt. Anthony Repalone, with the Nassau police, said, "It was determined that they were emulating the character in that Grand Theft Auto game, going on a crime spree using weapons and tactics inspired by the controversial video game." Whether or not the video game had anything to do with the actions of the teenagers, the incident will certainly be used to fuel criticism of video games targeting youth and glorifying violent and illegal activities.

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