SQ. foot

 To some CHOICE CHOKE is a wave that deals with minimizing choices, but to me I see it as a method of simplifying my life. That’s exactly what the square foot garden does. The square foot gardening method is a system that not only simplifies the process and makes gardening more manageable, but it works beautifully. With this you are able to grow 16 different crops in just a 4 X 4 foot space. It’s based on the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. This is a great example of serious outdoor organization. You use raised beds filled with a specific growing medium, therefore eliminating the need to treat your existing soil for growing. Also, instead of planting in rows you plant in squares, which actually takes up less space and makes tending to easier. You start by building a box out of wood, then segmenting the box into one foot squares. Once built, fill the box with the growing medium and plant the crops. This method of urban farming actually uses 20% less water than normal. By using a trellis system you are able to grow many crops vertically such as zucchini and squash. There are many step-by-step directions available online, but here and here are my two favorites.

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