If you live in the UK and plan on taking your Palm or any other PDA to Alton Towers, think again. The park and resort has just banned the multitasking devices to help assure family quality time. This means getting back together and actually being together, talking and laughing, just like the old days. You know, I remember a few years ago TLC had this "Life Lesson" doll about over connected-ness, I laughed, because the guy had two cell phones and a PDA on him, and I thought "that's just insane, it's over exaggerating and there's no way somebody has that". Let's fast-forward to now; I myself have three cell phones, one for the states, one for Japan and one for international NTT DoCoMo lines. Yes, I am excessively connected and I talk to people constantly, but I never consider any of that quality time. So I do give them a bravo for this attempt at reconnecting the family. Let's just see how well Johnny Workhorse takes it and then go from there on how long it lasts.


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