This sun-visor media player for your car is only useful because of the obscene amount of electronic devices that we now have in our cars. The AM/FM radio was once considered to be ample entertainment for the long drive home, but no longer, we now have, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3, GPS, Internet access, satellite radio, video games and a host of other items to keep our passengers entertained and a lot of us more than a little distracted. This media system in disguise can replace your old sun visor, it is made by China Vision and is priced very moderately at around $100 USD. It has the capability to play DVD, SVCD, VCD, DVCD, CD, CDG, CD-R and CD-RW discs, as well as digital media files stored in MP4, MP3, WMA or JPEG formats. It can even send game or movie audio to your car’s stereo thanks to a built-in FM transmitter. Not only can the visor play DVDs, audio and video files; it can play retro video games on its 7-inch LCD 16×9 widescreen display. Just hook up one or two (included) gamepads and you can play a number of emulated 8-bit games (many of which come on an included disc). Even if you can’t decide what you want to play once you get the sun-visor media system installed, at least you’ll know that only need one device to play it.

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