The thing I love about the time we live in, is how everyone is all about pushing the envelope, creatively speaking of course. It seems like even the most traditional old-school companies are going off the creative “deep-end” so to speak. The new Ford Hocus ad’s are super fantastic in this way. They remind me of last year’s “Rube Goldberg” VW commercials. Only this time they are all about music. The new focus campaign features an orchestra playing instruments made from actual parts from the Focus, including “clutch guitar” and “window harp”. Thee ad was developed by an agency called Ogilvy Advertising. All in all there are 21 fully functioning instruments. My favorite would have to be the violin that uses the windshield wiper for a bow. This is a great example of SENSORY APPEAL because by adding and re-engineering a few parts, they were able to create some beautiful music. Apparently this orchestra will tour alongside car shows, so the public will be able to see this firsthand. Unfortunately , this was created for the European market, don’t hold your breath waiting to see it stateside yet.

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