Take one part ancient Ayurveda, two parts state-of-the-art medical science, splash in some natural resources and you’ve got yourself a bottled Inner Balance cocktail. Zrii is one of many in a new push of beverages that make you feel better overall, channeling mind, body and spirit. With exotic ingredients from far off places, as well as clever eastern spirituality symbolized packaging, you know this preservative-free drink is going to do something right? Well, that’s what they claim, everything from the way it “enlivens the tongue” to the feeling of drinking 5,000 years of wisdom. It goes to show you, if you market something clever enough, it can pass off as anything, despite how true the label might be, and even though it’s a little Filling the Void, all that wisdom means something, consume it or not, and that’s where it fits into Inner Balance, no matter how much of a gimmick it could be, or how real it actually is, it’s given mass produced wellness elixir some meaning and depth and justification. And with that, comes the reason to buy it. Let’s just hope it’s more justified than that Trinity energy drink, you know that energy drink for the Lord. Amen.


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