There may be some cheerful news to those of you that work at an office where you get to bill out an allowance of fitness related activity, because if you don't like the gym but love your Wii, there's a chance you can get a copy of Wii Fit and have your employer pay for it. Well, at least it's working for a few people so there's some hope for you. And since it's hit the Internet, it's only natural this news will travel everywhere, and I'm sure a lot of people will attempt to pull this off. So what makes it a Brand Sanctuary piece, well, if your accounting department recognizes Wii Fit to be on par with a membership to the gym (even though the gym membership will be better for you in the long run) then that says something about its ability to be trusted as a brand. And to all of you who are looking into doing it, good luck, and watch out for that expert level yoga session.


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