For those of you that liked Post Shreddies, you're in for a treat, and possibly one of the most entertaining examples of Sensory Appeal we've shown. Sensory Appeal is all about taking it up a notch, and in this case, turning the idea of the food upside down (or in this case rotating it 90 degrees) and looking at it from a new perspective. In this spirit Post has renamed the cereal "Diamond Shreddies" and essentially turned the cereal from a square to a diamond. A lot of people who have seen the commercial either get extremely confused, or buy into it being a new product, or simply question "well, what else is new and improved about it?" And that's the brilliance behind its humor. It's the same thing, new marketing, and a play on the idea that for something to be good it HAS to be "new and improved". Despite some of the confusion, the hilarity and that smirk you get if you realize it's all a marketing gimmick, it is something new. It's been taken up a notch, and it's got people talking, proving that sometimes you don't have to do much to change the experience; or in this case, anything at all.


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