Can designers save the world as we know it? The Designers Accord is a global multidisciplinary coalition dedicated to creating design that has a positive environmental and social impact. The idea has received some criticism because there are as of yet no stringent standards that members must adhere to in order to join the group, that may change in the future, but for now Valarie Casey, the founder of the group, says that the intention is to create a critical mass. This is a good example of how more people are becoming keenly aware of their occupation's impact on the greater good. Legendary Target designer Philippe Stark pledged to leave the design world earlier this year declaring, ”Design is dead.” While most designers don’t agree with that statement, there are a lot that  would agree that the days of conscious-less design are over. Humans will always need things, that is our nature, and as long as we need things there will be people that will design and produce the things we need. What is changing is the way we design and produce them. Design can no longer afford to be selfish, it must consider the bigger picture, and ask itself if it is upsetting or maintaining our environmental and ethical balance.

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