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You have to give it to the fine citizens of Japan. They are usually on the forefront of most of the craziest global trends. This one is so far out there, I’ll probably never get(or want) to do this. We have all heard of oxygen bars, where you go in and strap some hoses on your face and pump yourself full of pure oxygen. The therapeutic effects of oxygen are great: calmness, mental clarity, even euphoria. The idea behind PRIVATE PAMPERING is “treating myself to personal luxuries that I deserve.” Well what about the luxuries that man’s best friend deserves? Because after all, dogs provide a much needed and appreciated service: unconditional love and companionship to us. So they deserve some special treatment also. That is the premise behind OWND café. It’s an oxygen bar for dogs( yes,  I know that’s crazy).  Even though I’m all for treating my pooch for being a good dog, I do think that dog Oxygen treatment sessions may be a bit excessive. The actual site is in Japanese so I don’t know what this service costs, but something tells me that it isn’t cheap. Also I don’t see this making it’s way to the states either, except maybe to Beverly Hills. 

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