Anyone who thinks that being pollution free while still driving a vehicle, using modern appliances, and living in suburbia is a contemporary impossibility should take a look at Mike Strizki. His innocuous looking modular home built in the early 90’s and his 90’s Mercury Sable are completely off the grid. Although the 51-year-old civil engineer and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities did pony up considerable cash to build his hydrogen and solar set up, $500,000 , he doesn’t pay a dime in utilities or fuel now and he produces no pollution from the electricity he generates. 56 solar panels are used to extract hydrogen from tap water in a device that is about the size of a washing machine. The only byproduct of the process is water. Any vented hydrogen will rapidly rise out of our atmosphere and into space. Strizki’s home generator produces around 9 times his home energy needs, so he stores his surplus hydrogen in old propane tanks. Strizki is no energy miser; he has 3 computers, a 50” plasma TV, stereo equipment, and full array of electric appliances. He uses some of the electricity to charge his modified Mercury Sable which he now calls Genesis. The Genesis has a 104 HP electric motor capable of speeds around 140 mph and has travelled over 400 miles on a single charge. Currently, Strizki can build a similar hydrogen/solar generators for about $90,000 and already has his first customer.

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