If, like me, you have young children who you love to encourage on the computer, but fear their touch of destruction, you’re in luck. A new bit of software, designed by a similarly frustrated father, protects your PC from the ravages of youth.  Aptly named Baby Smash, the program is designed to let children play around on your keyboard without accidentally deleting important data or crashing your system in general. Once booted up, colored shapes and numbers will appear on the screen corresponding to your child’s typing, but the windows key, Ctrl-Esc, and Alt-Tab are all locked out. If you want to exit the application, you must press ALT-F4. While you should probably still monitor your child’s computer use, for your sake and theirs, this bit of software will allow toddlers and infants to become familiar with computers without risking catastrophic data loss or general computer demolition. How cute, from cradle to cubicle, you have to love the high tech world.

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