What is worse than a mad ex-girlfriend? A mad ex-girlfriend who capitalizes on your gifts and bands together with other ex-girlfriends around the world. Just like every other business, www.exboyfriendjewlery.com saw a problem and created the perfect solution. Everyone hates the thousands of little reminders of failed relationships. On top of that, the website found women need to tell the world how awful the boyfriend was. This edition of Guys & Dolls reveals a new form or commerce and expression for women recently separated. Women sell the jewelry the ex-boyfriend gave or as one category states, “gifts that should have been jewelry.” Along with basic details such as description, condition and price for each item, users are asked to provide the story behind it, such as whether the breakup was a bad or amicable one. The idea also begs the question as to the viability of the opposite site. Do women give as many material gifts and do guys really want to express their feelings about old relationships? Doubtful, either way, the website is entertaining even if you aren’t shopping.


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