It appears the future is upon us and fiction is turning into reality. Dubai continues to amaze the world seemingly every month with a new project that stretches these boundaries of reality. Hydropolis is the world's first luxury underwater hotel. So luxurious in fact that it will be a self acclaimed 10-star hotel. Great idea but when will it be finished? Construction began in 2005 and is expected to finish early in 2009. The $500 million 220 room hotel is also expecting an additional 3000 people per day that aren’t even guests. 7,000 anchors are needed just to keep the attraction submerged. Most guests at resorts take advantage of spa and massage amenities, but Hydropolis takes physical rejuvenation to a new level in the hotel industry with its own cosmetic surgery clinic. They have truly taken PRIVATE PAMPERING to the next level.   Hydropolis is certain to "make waves" *groan* as guests are spoiled while LIVING VICARIOUSLY underwater for the duration of their stay.
The nightly price tag on a 10-star hotel starts at $1,500, leaving me as one of those non paying guests just wanting to check it out.  

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