Singapore Airlines, who is no stranger to Private Pampering and Power Plays alike, has once again decided it needed to make some upgrades for its customers.  We’ve already seen the iPod jacks, the ultra comfy chairs, and even the double beds in the Airbus. So what’s next? Widescreen LCD televisions; which some of you may feel that this is either Pacifiers or Power Plays, but let me explain myself here. It is Pacifiers in the sense that it makes your world go away, and also it fits as Power Plays, because it is a pretty pricey jump, however you need to add in the human aspect, you’re not necessarily flying on it because it’s expensive, and although it will “make your world go away” it’s still something you choose to book and fly through. Which fits directly into the idea of Private Pampering, and it’s Human Truth of “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.”.


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