Nothing says comfort like a great Italian meal, especially when it’s cheap! In the article,” Back to Rome, but Poorer this Time,” food writer Frank Bruni discusses how the falling dollar is pricing him out of what was once a simple pleasure, provincial Roman cuisine. After an extended stay in Rome he got accustomed to eating wonderful dishes prepared in Rome’s smaller neighborhood  trattorias.  During his latest visit the food was as wonderful as ever but the prices were a little hard to swallow, He says,” But the impediment to all of this Roman joy — or, more accurately, the factor diminishing it ever so slightly — was price. With the dollar-Euro exchange approaching $1.60 for every euro, a 10-euro plate of pasta that’s portioned somewhere between appetizer and entrée-size is almost $16.”
I am sure that he is not the only overseas traveler to feel the pinch and one can only guess that this will drive a decline in tourism to European destinations. The upside is that these same people will probably start looking a little closer to home to find food and creature comforts. What was a relatively inexpensive treat four or five years ago, is now a luxury that many will not be able to afford any longer. Europeans may feel the pinch too, in the form of lost tourism revenue, as Americans tighten up their purse strings. That little Italian joint just around the corner is looking better all the time!

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