While there is not a consensus agreement regarding whether or not we are indeed in a full-fledged recession in the mind of the consumer the threat of recession is very real. Consumer buying habits, especially in the area of food, makes this fact apparent. In a very literal way, the human truth statement for Filling the Void, ”It’s what I do to get by,” is manifesting itself at the checkout counter. The New York Times reports,” Americans are finding creative ways to cut costs on routine items like groceries and clothing, forcing retailers, restaurants and manufacturers to decode the tastes of a suddenly thrifty public.” Americans are changing their diet in order to buffer themselves from the quickly rising costs of fuel, energy and food. The Times article notes that Wal-mart is reporting a marked increase in sales of pasta and peanut butter, alcohol purchases at restaurants are down, people are cooking at home more often and they are switching to less expensive brands. Burt Flickinger, a retail consultant, tells the Times,” “It hasn’t gotten to human food mixed with pet food yet,” he said, “but it is certainly headed in that direction.” Let’s all hope that it doesn’t, but in the meantime it is important to understand this behavior and think of how you can appeal to the growing hunger for a recession diet.

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