As if you weren’t scared enough of eating potentially pesticide ridden, E coli laden, industrial lubricant infused, dangerously genetically modified meals, a couple of new advertising campaigns are really trying to stoke your fear of unsanitary food. Carre Fresh is trying to sell more antibacterial hand wipes by showing images of people about to eat something with their hand transformed into whatever unsavory object they last touched. A filthy sneaker grips a cheese burger, a girl empties candies into her mouth from a soiled dustpan, or a mother is feeding her infant from a used toilet brush hand. The advertising agency Euro RSCG, based out of India, has also launched a repugnant gross out campaign along the same lines. They are trying to convince people to buy and use more hand soap by turning their stomach with ads showing insect laden hands engaged in tasks where cleanliness would be particularly desirable. An extremely ill looking man is being spooned medicine from a maggot covered hand, worms encircle a woman’s arms as she prepares some type of batter, and roaches swarm on the hands prepared to lift an infant. I think it’s safe to say that these ads are trying to force a powerful feeling of repugnance rather than simply inform us about their product. These ads are a prime example of shockvertising, but will queasy stomachs translate to increased sales figures?

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