Let's face it, every time Grand Theft Auto adds a sequel to the lineup, the mass hordes of anti-violence and videogame protesters come out of their closets and go in full assault. And if you didn't know GTA IV was out you must not watch much news, because it is everywhere. What I think is more interesting than the game itself, which we all know is a great piece alone for Living Vicariously, is that the concepts that are rooted in GTA are seeping into those that play it, or at least they were at midnight releases. At several midnight releases of the game, purchasers were mugged for their copies, some more beaten than others, and in one case, stabbed in line. I myself am a gamer, and I honestly hate all the hype the series draws to the already soft subject of game violence, but when you start seeing things like this show up, you can just expect it to turn into a media frenzy. The ultimate thing I question all of you readers with is when is GTA going to become the next assault of Cosplay, where we'll see random teenagers act out petty crimes in spirit of simply acting out a role. Some of those questioned about the muggings stated they thought it was in the spirit of the series they were done, I don't personally feel this way, but then again I'm not sixteen and starved for attention.  The ultimate issue here is watching the concept of Living Vicariously go from "Wow! That was almost real!" to "Did he seriously just do THAT?” so I guess only time will tell, but until then, I'll stick to mugging people with my PS3 controller, you know, the way that doesn't land me in prison.

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