Another industry has created a model to provide its services for free. Architect David Wax and his design firm Free Green are offering “free, downloadable, buildable energy efficient and healthy home plans to everyone.” The bottom line will be served by advertising and participating designers will have another avenue for exposure. Stock plan books already exist and numerous builders make use of those designs for free, but Wax says that virtually none of those designs are green, few are even modern, none are particularly innovative and all of the decent ones have been used ad infinitum. The designs range from family homes to efficient lofts and Free Green is inviting additional contributions. The plans that are available so far have been favorably reviewed by architects not affiliated with the project. The current house building slump may mean a slower than hoped for growth by Free Green, but as with all free innovations, they start with an amazingly competitive edge if any revenues can actually be generated. With the potential to save builders thousands, success for Free Green may force a paradigm shift for architectural promotion and marketing.

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