Phillips has decided that enlisting a transvestite dancer from L.A. as a spokes model is the best way to get the message out about their new epilator. Ads for the “Satinelle Ice Epilator” will feature a transvestite dancer named Karis, who is pictured using the epilator in the ads. As you can imagine the ads are stirring up a lot of controversy and media exposure. The strategy is not to market to drag queens but to show that it can perform the ultimate test, that is, to give a man perfectly smooth and sexy legs. The commercial manages to feel very natural and human even though the subject is a little taboo. Karis's portrail in the Phillips ad is a far cry from the loud, boisterous outspoken stereotypical drag queen, the dialougue is soft-spoken and the sentiment feels genuine. A little quip at the end of the video states,"Like all men he's not great with pain." In our opinion, that statement is not only a subtle ploy to entertain women, it is, at the same time a ploy to appeal to men who are more and more concious of their bodily hair.

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