While airlines are struggling to stay in the air by raising ticket prices, cramming in more seats, charging for baggage, and cutting out every amenity, someone is developing a super fancy airline ticket that looks really cool, but has dubious utility. Kudos to designers Jacky Wu, Neo Chen, and Eric Liu for this really cool idea that seems particularly out of sync with reality. The Ticketime boarding card is made of electronic paper with digital readouts and the edge of the ticket can be torn off and worn as a watch which is set for the time zone of your destination. The Ticketime boarding card is a wonderful example of the increasing number of scientific capabilities that we really can’t afford to use. Accelerating resource scarcity coupled with the exponential leaps being made in technological research and development will probably mean a great deal of really neat inventions will never leave the drawing board, or will only be available to an already miniscule and shrinking section of society. If the electronic boarding card could be reused and replace paper tickets then I withdraw my critique, but otherwise, who cares.


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