In the nonstop world of new Facebook applications it would be easy to sneak in a proactive message beneath the radar and someone has done it. The American Social Health Association is spreading Chlamydia digitally to raise awareness. If you’re worried about NGO’s giving you communicable diseases, watch out. The application is called Morph Monkey and its true purpose is on the down low, or was until we bloggers started telling everyone about it. Ostensibly, the purpose is to morph the images of your friends to humorously depict an image of their theoretical offspring, but instead, a box pops up and informs the unsuspecting user that they have given their friend Chlamydia. I hope the ploy manages to get people thinking about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, but if people really cared about giving their friends Chlamydia, we wouldn’t have the epidemic to begin with.

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