Food shortages, global recession, war in the Middle East, earthquakes in China, Killer Tornadoes in the Midwest, global warming let’s be honest people the world has to be coming to an end soon, right. I mean really isn’t just a matter of time until we are struggling through the end of days. Maybe though, you are thinking about this Apocalypse thing all wrong. You need to read the new book “Apocalypse How” by Daily Show writer, Rob Kutner. “ Apocalypse How: Turn the End Times into the Best of Times”, will change your negative view of a post-apocalyptic world forever. This satirical how-to guide is sure to change your anxiety into anticipation, the book points out facts like; how much easier it would be to be the best in the world at something once the population has been anihilated. Maybe, this would be a great time to follow your dreams of playing pro baseball, or how about writing that novel you’ve been putting off for so long? Tired of your wardrobe? Apocalypse How outlines why the Rapture will be the key to you being able to finally indulge your inner fashionista. Comedy talk show host and knower of all things, Stephen Colbert, gives this book high marks,” “If you buy only one book to accompany you through horrific worldwide catastrophe, make it this one.” Honestly though, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, just look at the growth we have seen in the shielding wave in Q3, sometimes you have to poke a little fun at the situation just so you can get by. If the end times are nigh, we here at Culturewaves are wholly dedicated to making it the best end times ever! It’s gonna be great!

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