The thing I really, really like about DEITY COMPLEX, is it gives people the power to be ridiculously picky about their wardrobe. Having even the smallest detail exactly how you want it. For the more conceited person, Eleven Forty Design offers a service where you send in a few photos of yourself and in a few weeks they send you some cufflinks in the shape of your head in the precious metal of your choice. Also if you like the idea but don’t want to look like a jerk you can also pick a different head to model the links after. They have over 70 different celebrity choices, from James Brown to Lucifer to Alan Greenspan. Another cool thing about these customized cufflinks is that when you are not using them (you can’t be French-cuffed all the time, ya know!) they fit together to form a bust of the person from which they are modeled. Enjoy! 

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