David Horowitz is a poor, but aspiring college student living between New York and Los Angeles. He has created a website called,” Things For Sale That I Will Mail You,” it is filled with various things that he will do for different amounts of money. That may sound a little….well …dirty, but trust me it is at worst whimsical and often times beautiful and poetic. For a dollar he will look at the ocean for one minute  or sit in silence and think of you ( and only of you) for one minute, he also offers,"If you give me $10 I will take a photograph of the sky just for you. That means I will go outside, shoot a photograph of the sky, print it as a 8.5" x 11" full color laser jet print, write the date on it, fold it into an envelope, and mail it to you. Oh, and I will also delete the file so that you will have the only existing copy of that photograph. It's just for you." There are grander schemes and designs that you can participate in, “If you give me $250 I will read the Little Prince in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in the middle of a work day. I will send you photograph documentation of this. (Or: if you give me $1000 I will buy as many copies of the Little Prince as I can and give them away to people leaving the New York Stock Exchange after a days work).” Some of the things that he has for sale are inexpensive and somewhat fanciful, others are quite pricey and ambitious, but in the end they all have the same goal; to help a young, very bright and thoughtful young man achieve his goals and dreams and to allow you to become part of his experiences even as you enable him to achieve them. The greatest purchase that you can make on his website is  a semester of his college education, David says,”. I just got accepted into the Bard MFA program. It is expensive. I am poor. If you just buy one semester, you will get the art made for that semester. If you pay for all three, you will get all three.” We love this website, it’s ambition, inventiveness, it’s poetry. It would be very interesting to see a charity adopt this idea for helping out people in other parts of the world, a person simply tells you about the things that they need and you help in whatever capacity you can, in return you get some form of documentation and the knowledge that you have contributed directly to the betterment of another persons life.

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