If you have ever been to Japan for more than a week, you've probably been grocery and chain shopping. And I bet in that process you were asked for a zillion point card programs. You know, those special guest cards that you sign up for, get discounts, build up special offers based on how much you purchase, and get emails with special savings based on what you buy. The problem with these amazing little cards is every shop has it's own, and every one of them has to be dug out of your wallet in a hasty checkout line, while signing off your go pass and paying the cashier. It's just a mess. But not for long, PASMO, a RFID card company has began to combine point card programs onto a single card, just walk by in your store of choice and swipe. No more digging, and what makes it truly Pop-Up, is that they can even be held up to digital signage to recieve coupons.


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