Everybody thinks that you’re just another boring guy from accounting. They don’t know that the bruise on your arm was from a fifteen foot drop you took last night when you were out practicing Parkour or that you got that scar on your neck when you fought off several knife wielding assailants, during your travels in the near east.  With “ Tattoos for Heroes,” from German designers Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus, “fit out your little aches and pains with thrilling stories and put yourself into the limelight.” Okay, maybe it was more like a four foot drop (Off your front porch) that doesn’t matter; you’re a wild man and wearing one these temporary tattoos is just the thing to let everybody know about your wild and adventurous life outside of the office. The tattoo/labels have arrows that can be pointed in the direction of your wounds and sayings like, Attacked by Wild Beast or Jumped from 13 feet high. Too bad they’re only available in German right now.

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