Oh Pinkberry, how we loved you! Yes, we loved your Swirly Goodness and tastefully modern design aesthetic, and we weren’t the only ones, people lined up in droves for a bite of your “Chilly Bliss”, but that was then. Now we know the truth about your “Swirly Goodness” or as we like to now call it, “Misleading Frozen Fakeness”. Yes, you are in for a bundle of Corporate Hating for touting your product as “All Natural” when you knew it was full of artificial crap and fillers. We should have known it was too good to be true. What is really in their “Swirly Goodness”? There are 23 ingredients in Pinkberry’s recipe; here are a few of those “ natural” ingredients. First off, Skim milk and nonfat yogurt are listed first, but after that it all goes downhill, sucrose, fructose and dextrose, maltodextrin (a laboratory-produced ingredient extracted from corn syrup)…. Emulsifiers: propylene glycol esters, lactoglycerides, sodium acid pyrophosphate, mono- and diglycerides… Acidifiers: magnesium oxide, calcium fumarate, citric acid, sodium citrate. MMMMMMM sounds naturally delicious doesn’t it? That’s what a group of individuals thought who  filed a class action lawsuit against Pinkberry for deceptive marketing practices. The lawsuit was not all that fruitful for the Plaintiffs, Pinkberry paid for their legal expenses and agreed to give $750,000 to a charity, but now that this story is out we are betting that they will start feeling the real cost of their deceptive practices (in the form of decreased sales revenue) as customers choose to take their business to someone who is a little more honest about their product.

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