What does a spiritual entrenpeneur do once he sells a successful social networking site? Start another site!  This one offers concentrated wisdom for the "Busy Self-Actualizer". THINK ARETE offers: "Inspiration. Empowerment. Wisdom. Get Big Ideas from the great thinkers–from Buddha, Rumi, Aurelius, Nietzsche, Rand & Buscaglia to today's masters: Dyer, Robbins, Covey, Coelho and so many more. Master time management, learn to love, find your purpose. Live with happiness. Think Areté. 3 minutes a day. It's Free."

His former site Zaadz which is now Gaia Community currently has 178,120 concious individuals who say:   "We're a little different than most social networks. We're here for a purpose—to inspire and empower you to be the change you want to see in the world.
We're a community of individuals committed to supporting each other in being our highest selves. We aspire to live at our greatest potential, seeing the best in others and encouraging them to do the same. We're here to discover our purpose and to contribute our gifts to the planet. We're here to live authentically.
In short, we're here to change the world.
Even though we think it's already a pretty amazing place to be.

 We've been musing lately about how once marginalized social groups are finding such strength in online communities. The internet is ofen thrown out as an example of social dystopia and isolationism but we are seeing more and more examples of the opposite.  If you're the one "hippie, weirdo" of your town or school, you'll find a giant community of like-minds at the press of a button….(something I would have appreciated!).  I know this is true of all subcultures- even very negative ones out there, but that is the yin & yang of life, right?  In my humble, positivist opinion: you'll be seeing the green movement evolve up the chain to SELF ACTUALIZATION in the near future.  


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