Understanding and preventing the natural process of aging is a fast growing area of study.  Aging is something that not many of  us want to go through, but all of us will someday experience. As populations in western society slowly become “over the hill”, there is increasing demand on scientists to find ways to prolong life and prevent the ravages of aging. Scientists cannot yet stop the process of aging, but researchers in Tel Aviv believe that they have created a test that can accurately determine the stage of aging that a person is in. The test has been dubbed the Osseographic Score (OSS), through the establishment of a new biological marker based on the condition of the bodies bones, this test will provide an accurate picture of the rate at which an individual is aging. The study shows that there is a strong link between aging and genetics, but that does not man you are locked into an absolute “genetic destiny”. They hope that doctors can use this test to determine if a persons rate of aging is increasing, and if so, provide treatment and therapies that could aid in slowing the process down. This test will also provide accurate information that could help determine which therapies are the most effective, aiding doctors and scientists who are trying to develop effective anti-aging strategies. Some of us may not want to know the age at which we will probably die (something that the test can predict accurately) but if that knowledge gives us the power to change our destiny, it is not a death sentence, it is a chance for liberation.

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