When I was four my mother cut off her long straight blond hair and showed up at the door the with the classic 80’s asymmetrical perm, I burst into tears immediately. This lady didn’t look like my mother and I was scared that I would’nt be able to recognize her anymore, I screamed out,” I want my old mommy back!” and ran off to my room. It is hard to imagine how I would of reacted if mother had come home with a new nose or a boob job, it is probably safe to say it would not have been good. There are a lot of kids out there whose mothers are coming home with entirely new facial features and strangely swollen lips. How do you explain to three year old why mommy’s face is not the same? How can moms avoid or reduce the emotional reaction that “ mommy’s new nose” might create? Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer has written a book for children,called My Beautiful Mommy, that explains what is going to happen to their mommy in her surgical procedures and how beautiful she will look as a result. I am not sure how I feel about linking the idea of beauty and plastic surgery at such a young age. I am glad that someone is providing mothers and children some tools to help deal with this modern dilemma. My mothers hair grew back their mothers face will not.

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