What is filling the void exactly? It is people grasping at straws in an attempt at filling the empty spot in their lives. It’s what I do to get by. This piece of evidence is exactly that. Due to relaxed laws in Florida, we are seeing more and more people adopting monkeys in place of having children. Whether it’s because of infertility or because they are “empty nesters”. These people take this so seriously that they don’t even call them monkeys, They are playfully referred to as "monkids" and reared in a world of pierced ears, monogrammed clothes, a seat at the dinner table and their own bedrooms. This can be a good and bad thing. Sometimes when people are not approved to adopt, they adopt a monkey. But what if the reason that they are rejected is because they are a sociopath, then that is a bad thing. But in the instance that their child dies or some comparable tragedy, and cannot cope with the loss in a healthy manner, then it could be a helpful thing. What I’m saying is, People do all kinds of crazy things for all kinds of crazy reasons. But in my mind as long as it makes your world a little bit better without hurting others, whether it be human or not, then I think it’s ok.  

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