Children’s toys have always reflected and trained kids for the occupations and lifestyles of the adults and society around them. After all, what are play and toys, but attempts to orient children in the world in which they are born. The children of farmers have more toy tractors, the children of mechanics and handymen usually love tools, Yanomamo children in the Amazon play with tiny bows and arrows similar to their fathers’. For the child blossoming in a high tech, electronic, money oriented society, the situation is no different. Several models of children’s ATM machines for the protocapitalist are available and mark the future of piggy banks. Digital displays automatically update once change and dollars are fed into the gadget. Most models are designed to use a PIN number and/or toy ATM card. Your child can improve their math skills, come to a greater understanding of how the money economy works, and realize that cash must go into the machine if you want to get it out. Most of these banks will set your ATM account back around $30.

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