Presidential candidate turned Eco-warrior, Al Gore, recently presented a new slide show at TED talks. The slide show serves as an update to his former presentation that was made famous after the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” was released. This speech is less focused on bringing about a greater awareness of climate and environmental change and more concentrated on presenting solutions and calling for action. As the speech points out, 69% of Americans accept the idea of global warming as a reality, but the amount of those individuals that are actively seeking solutions is far less. Gore says,” we have a planetary emergency and we have to find a way, to create in the generation of those alive today, a sense of generational mission.” Comparing the opportunity presented before this generation to the challenges faced by the civil rights movement, creators of the United States, and abolition of slavery; Mr.Gore makes his case for global warming not only being the single most important issue we face today, but maybe the most important issue that humanity has ever faced.

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