I can imagine that running the world could be, at times, a very stressful endeavor. The Universitas Leadership Seminary is a concept that has been proposed by Donna Vassar, heiress to the Vassar education fortune, to help world leaders find Inner Balance. Designed by Chetwoods Architects in conjunction with architect Doug Patterson, the facility would be located near a privately owned lake in the south Nevada Desert. The four story, globe shaped structure gathers its architectural inspiration from Buddhist and eastern orthodox monasteries. Laurie Chetwood tells the Guardian, "The place is designed to strip away the layers of protocol that build up around these kind of people and help them get back to clarity". They can also use the place like a monk might. There will be libraries and a garden to produce food, although I can't quite see Gordon Brown going out and tilling the land." After guests navigate themselves through a maze like structure that will serve as an entrance, inside they will find libraries, a debating chamber, simple quarters where they can sleep and eat and a contemplation space where leaders will be encouraged to sit in silence. Vassar hopes that by giving world leaders a chance to experience more monastic surroundings and lifestyle for a short time they will be able to,” "reconnect with their unique purpose in life".

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