It seems that everybody is ready for the generation of super- efficient electric automobiles, but there is just one little problem, the infrastructure is far from being ready to accommodate these vehicles. So what are you supposed to do when gas tops out at over $ 4.00 a gallon this summer? Project Better Place (PBP) has a plan to accelerate the adoption of the electric car, and it is catching the attention of some major investors. The model that they are creating is based on the model that is used by cell phone companies. Project Better Place would sell a car along with the energy to power it as a package, just like your cell Phone Company provides plans that give you a phone and a certain number of minutes and then charges you a monthly rate. They estimate that an average user would be able to purchase a car and enough energy to power it for 18,000 miles per year for about $550 dollars per month. This is just a little more than an average new car payment for Americans, but as we all know most car payments do not include gas. Recently, Deutsche Bank analysts announced that PBP’s plan for creating an electric car infrastructure in Israel and Denmark would also be a viable model for converting the American market. This may not be good news for American automakers that are lagging behind other carmakers in developing alternative fuel vehicles.

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