Everyone loves to feel like a kid again, and what better place to momentarily "regress" than at your work desk?  Regress away your stress with the Doomsday Device USB Hub.  In order to arm the Device, you have to carefully flick 3 different switches in a specific order… Switch three is a key switch, and only authorized personnel should have a copy of the key. ThinkGeek.com reviewed this product and certainly seemed to be tickled with it: "Once all three switches are turned on (in order) the Main light will glow red. This means the Device is armed and very dangerous.  All that is left to do is flip back the plastic shield and press the red button for an explosive sound effect. But what really happens when you press the button? We're not sure. Perhaps 15 kittens explode; perhaps your bank account lowers by a fraction of a cent; perhaps you start an interplanetary war trillions of parsecs away by blowing up the caravan of Queen Knorb'l. But one thing is clear – before pushing the button, you must ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky, punk? Well…do I?" Because, who knows, the explosion you hear from the USB Doomsday Device might just be the sound of your brain vaporizing. Oh yeah, and you can also use the USB Doomsday Device as a 4 port USB hub. No one will mess with you with this baby on your desk."

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