The third international conference on personalized body sensor networks, called BodyNets, is being held this year. Curious about what will be discussed, you should be. The participants, scientists, computer gurus, engineers, medical professionals, and academics, are convening to investigate and plan the future of networks and devices for physiological monitoring. From nanobots within your body, to sensor laden clothing on your body, these devices would monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and other physical conditions, the goal is to incorporate “informatics” into the realms of education, healthcare, entertainment, and every form of human/computer interaction. What exactly is informatics. It is the philosophy and methodology of making sensing, computing, and communications devices ubiquitous aspects of our environment providing constant feedback and evaluation of…well everything.

Conference spokespeople assert that biomedical informatics (BMI), are essential to speeding up the adoption of proven technological advances and avoiding the premature adoption of less proven innovations.  The conference wants to bring together individuals from diverse fields which are being impacted by BodyNets and through their collaboration, develop a true system where these technologies can come together making personalized mobile body sensors common, expected, and connected. If you are imagining Orwellian scenarios springing forth from the integration of these technologies, you aren’t the only one. With great power comes great responsibility.

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