A study released by MIT is sure to direct the ever-vigilant gaze of corporate haters in the direction of the super-rich. The study compared the carbon impact of a variety of typical American lifestyles ranging from soccer mom to CEO to homeless. The evidence that they found uncovers a strong relationship between income and carbon consumption, in a nutshell, the more money you make the more carbon emissions you produce. The disparity in carbon usuage between the average US citizen and very wealthy was enormous, they estimate that the wealthiest 5% of the world’s population uses 25% of the world’s energy. Good samaritanism and  eco-consciousness does not exclude you from the equation, do-gooder Bill Gates was given the unhappy distinction of having the world’s worst carbon foot print, they estimate that he produces around 10,000 times the amount of carbon emissions that Joe and Susan Average do. This is especially disconcerting when you consider that even America’s homeless create around 8.5 tons of carbon annually compared to the world average of 4 tons per person. The reason for this is that the study equally distributed the carbon usuage of basic government services( military, police, roads, libraries etc.) amongst all US citizens regardless of their active participation. Specialized programs such as Medicaid were only allotted to individuals that use such services. Really the study is bad news for all Americans, even for those of you who are dedicated to living a carbon neutral lifestyle, we are sorry to report, that regardless of your efforts. Due to the nature of the activities undertaken by our government, the lowest number you will be able to achieve is 8.5 tons per year.

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