The Wallet Flash USB drive has been available for nearly a year, but now, the practical applications are emerging. This credit card sized flash drive is not only sleek, tiny, and durable, you may soon be inundated with them for free. Ever keep a business card because you have written unrelated information on the back, how about one you have input data inside of? These drives may represent the future of interactive business cards and medical alert cards; they hold up to eight gigabytes of information so far. Your next MP3 player and flash drive can be free, so long as you don’t mind company logos emblazoned on the credit card-like device. For the advertiser, the promotional value goes further; the file management and display software loaded onto the data cards shows a company’s logo and relevant details. These drives also make a direct internet link with a company or medical service provider possible. Medical alert bracelets, cards, and necklaces have proven their utility, saved lives, and become a necessity for a growing number of people. A medical alert card that doubles as a flash drive has the capability of storing an individual’s entire medical history and any other relevant personal information.

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