In this Clockless world we live in, finally mans best friend has been included.   WetBone, is the world’s first-ever water in a flexible plastic pouch for dogs on-the-go, based on the same mobility in drinks for dogs that we humans enjoy – portability, lightweight, resealability, ready-to-use and easy-to-drink. This concept is the brainchild of Wetbone cofounders and product developers Sue Tyska and Tony Tropea. “Dogs drink with their tongue and we wanted to offer a bowl to them that wasn’t too deep or too shallow. We went with a medium size so that the concept would work with dogs of all sizes,” Tyska says. The 16-oz (475 ml) water bag, shaped as a dog bone, contains two compartments: one reservoir for purified, vitamin enriched water and a “drinking bowl”.  I'm sure these won't be cheap, but if you've ever been traveling with the pooch and it's a hot, dry, day and you're caught without water, I think these could be very handy!  I don't really like sharing my water bottle with the dogs.


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