When I think about all the batteries I have ever bought and used and thrown away the number is staggering. The thought of all those itsy-bitsy batteries piled up into one giant pyramid is just crazy. Then, I think about all of the people who are just like me, the “battery buyers” of the world and all of their pyramids, I want to become Amish and stop using them altogether. But  then I wake up and remember that I love gadgets. That’s why these USB rechargeable batteries are wonderful. Imagine all the money to be saved as well as the piles and piles of batteries that won’t be in the landfill, polluting the ground. Produced by Moixa Energy, has a flip cap top that houses the USB port, and can be used like any regular AA battery. The little green power cells can also can be charged in approved NiMH chargers. The good thing about GREEN HOT is that it’s not always about big government regulations all the time. Sometimes it’s about the little guy and his remote control.

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