beach office

The new digital landscape is changing. The rise of the new Bedouins and the “have work, will travel” attitude that is growing among the population combined with the fact that everything is becoming wireless. We are seeing a huge shift from desktops to laptop computers and it is only going to get bigger. Just like cell phones, laptops are quickly becoming a fashion accessory or even an extension of their persona. According to the IDC (a division of International Data Group), shipments of laptops will rise 26% in 2008, reaching about 137 million shipments worldwide, up from 109 million in 2007. Desktops shipments, meanwhile, totaled 151 million in 2007, essentially flat at 4% growth. While laptops now make up 42% of global shipments, at its current growth pace, laptops will surpass desktop sales by 2009. The result will be a population that is completely mobile. That will change the way people work, communicate and play. This shift to a wireless society is absolutely what CLOCKLESS is about. Not being confined to an office will give people the freedom to enjoy their life while simultaneously getting their work done. That sounds like the life to me. 

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