Shame on Tag Heuer for launching a pair of glasses and calling them “Night Vision”. When I first saw these I was all “HOLY CRAP!” but much to my surprise they aren’t really night vision as I had imagined. What I think of when I hear night vision usually involves ropes, black ski masks, guns with attached silencers, fake passports… you get the picture. While these may not be night vision by my crazy standards, they do, however, work wonders under low light conditions. The glasses have been optimized for driving at night thanks to some engineering that corrects low-light and short-sightedness situations that usually occur in evening driving. Apparently they were originally developed for the nighttime portion of the 24-hour long “LeMans” auto race. So when I was thinking about something for BODY WARRANTY I thought these glasses were a good fit. The whole point of this wave is about taking a product to get more out of your body. Right?  This is from Tag’s press release “these glasses correct the low-light short-sightedness that everyone endures from twilight to sunrise. "Night Vision" eyeglasses optimize precision and enhance perception of contrasts for more comfort while driving at night. Featuring "TAG Heuer Reflex-type" flexible temples, they are adjustable and fit comfortably under motorcycle and racing helmets.” It sounds to me like Tag Heuer has some pretty awesome engineers working for them.

[Authors side note: I bet that Corey Hart already has a pair. (singing) “I wear my sun glasses at night….”]

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