skeet skeet

Apparently there is a shortage of sperm in ireland. There is a program in ireland called "Sperm For Tickets" where they are trading sperm for a cup of sperm. I know, this is hilarious, but I couldn't make this stuff up. According to their website, for every "donation" you provide to the initiative, they in turn give you free tickets to the concert of your choice. This istotally GUYS AND DOLLS for two reasons; the first being that a guy must have thought this up because, he(the donor) is getting rewarded for doing something that he most likely would be doing anyway! The second reason is that there is no way a woman would sell one of her eggs for a concert. But for the guy it's a win/win situation. Another good thing is that it's all handled through the mail. So that eliminates the awkard moments after the deed has been done and you are handing over the "cup of joe" to the nurse.

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