Cell phone spamming is an aggravating, and growing phenomenon. Anti –spam experts are predicting that the volume of spam text messages to cell phones may actually quadruple in the coming year. Pop-up ads and spam email are already a major bane of Internet users, but spam text messages can cost you money to receive. If your cell phone plan does not include unlimited text messaging, when you receive a text telling you about the benefits of herbal “Viagra” or giving you a link to the hottest porn site on the web, you will have to pay whatever fee your company charges for receiving a text. Cell phone providers actively fight to keep the huge volume of text message spam from reaching your cell phone, but as the volume of and complexity of these type of schemes increase it is inevitable that more and more will slip through defenses. Don’t expect Uncle Sam to to take  any initiative to protect consumers. Hugh McCartney, CEO of anti- spam corporation Cloudmark, has already presented the issue to Congress and they have concluded that they will not pursue legislative action. This leaves the lion’s share of responsibility on the shoulders of cell phone providers and of course, you get left with the bill.

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