snow room


It looks like the polar bear club might be onto something after all. I have always thought that those people were completely crazy for jumping into icy lakes and rivers. But, maybe I was wrong. Debuting at a recent Hotel Equipment Fair in Antalya, Turkey was the “snow room”. The Snow Room is the creation of the MNK Group, who are normally associated with the manufacture of saunas and other deluxe services usually found in five star hotels and resorts. The Snow Room is a ten-degrees-below-zero "spa" that will be available to guests in luxury hotels starting in 2008. Hot/cold therapy is very common in northern European countries, as people have been partaking in this practice for years. The treatment is used for many ailments, such as: back pain, arthritis, skin care and many others. It works by dilating the blood vessels and/or the skin pores and flushing out toxins with the hot and then contracting the vessels/pores to close and lock the toxins out. So keep your eyes open for the Snow Room if you crave the special treatment that Private Pampering has to offer, this might be the thing for you. 

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