When you think of a bachelor pad, you might envision a pigsty strewn with dirty clothes, filled with beer cans and pizza boxes.  A function the Clarrett group recently held at their swanky Sky House development is an indication that modern bachelors might possess a little more style and panache than one might imagine. The soiree was located on the 29th floor of the Sky House, in a 1600 sqft apartment that was designed to appeal to single executive types. Guests dined on salmon with red wine foam, black olive dust and violet mustard and sipped on champagne as they took in their surroundings. Tastefully masculine, the apartment featured artsy photographs of motorcycle parts in the hallway, black leather adorned the walls of the master bedroom and a particularly popular addition was the I-pod controlled, integrated sound system. In an interview with The Real Deal, attendee Chris MacGuire proclaimed,” His ideal bachelor pad would be "somewhere I could live alone" and get a peaceful four hours of sleep, from 2:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.” These are not the slovenly beer-guzzling bachelors of yesteryear; these men have non-stop, career driven lifestyles that demand simplicity of design. The Sky House is a markedly upscale endeavor, a simple one bedroom condo will set you back 950,000 dollars. Trends often trickle down from the top to the mainstream, and even at this extravagant price this Clarret Group venture is a success, with 55% percent of its units sold, even though it doesn’t officially open its doors to tenants until January.

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